The Other Mother

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Karen Piovaty combined her commercial and fine art sensibilities to create a body of work that has resonated for over two decades with legions of "other mothers."

The origins of "The Other Mother" sprang from her experiences as a stepmother, as a child of divorce, and as a witness to other stepmothers' stories. Her artwork captures the essence of their problems and frustrations.

"Other mothers" are clearly an integral part of our social fabric. Their stories are often unspoken, always complicated, and rarely like the fairy tales or movie versions we know. Think of these pieces as a digital support group and know that similar experiences are happening on every block, in every city, in every province and state.

Karen received her BFA from the University of Arizona in 1981. She has had a successful career as a graphic designer, creates solo art exhibitions and participates in group shows. Karen currently owns a gallery in Muskoka, Ontario that showcases Canadian fine craft and original art.