The Other Mother

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By most standards, "The Other Mother" is deemed a 'solo' show. Nothing could be farther from the truth. I have many people to thank for their help, expertise and support.

Special thanks:

Jane E. Hindman, San Diego
Jason Larson, Binary Design (webmaster)
Brett Turner, Tucson (web coder and support)
Jennifer Leich, Los Angeles
Barbara Burstein, Tucson
Joan Chaplick, San Francisco
Maggie Hawkins, Boston
Michelle Schild, Tucson
Amy Som, Tucson
Karen Wood, Tucson
The Arizona Commission on the Arts
ProLam, Tucson (laminating show)
Envision Corporation, Tucson (large digital inkjet prints)
Deb Reardon
Carol Kerr
Abbie Small
Cynthia Sholin
Corrine Kotch
Leah Wingfield
Lisa Stage